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PDF format preferred but we may be able to accept "native" file formats: Quark (8.5 or previous), InDesign (CS5 or previous), PhotoShop (CS5 or previous)


    • A variety of standard sizes are available. Some of the most common are:
      • Business Card (3.5" x 2")
      • Postcard (3.937" x 5.827")
      • Single page flyer (8.5" x 11")
      • Single fold Brochure (11" x 17" or 8.5" x 11" when folded)
      • Trifold Brochure (8.5" x 11")
      • Non-standard sizes may result in additional charges, please contact us with your dimensions for pricing information
    • Margins & Gutters:
      • Design with sufficient margins and gutters (if a folded piece). Placing critical type or graphic items too close to the edge or fold may result in the item being cut off.
      • Once margins have been set, try to stay within them.
    • Provide a color laser printout (if B&W please indicate where color should be).
    • If your document includes Bleeds, please print out with Crop Marks



    • Images should be 200 to 300 dpi. Scan the actual print size or larger. Enlarging a picture (say from a wallet size to an 8 x 10) will reduce the effective resolution and will result in unacceptable print output. Also, do not "up sample" a low resolution image (72) to 300 dpi. No matter what it says, it will still print like a 72 dpi image.
    • We recommend saving images as TIF, PDF, JPG or EPS for placement in Page Layout programs (Quark or InDesign)


4. PDF

    To avoid unexpected results, errors and delays, please observe the following:

    • Embed ALL fonts used
    • Embed the entire font (do not "subset"…only the characters used)
    • Try to use the "real" font and not the quick formatting from a menu bar (ie: Select the font "HelveticaBoldItalic" instead of Helvetica and the Bold/italic buttons from a format pallet). Also, "bolding" a Bold font will probably not make it extra bold.
    • CMYK color mode preferred (we can output RGB, but the Press coverts it to CMYK, unexpected color shifts may happen).
    • Set Export color settings to "Leave Color Unchanged"
    • Optimize settings for Print (at least 300 dpi), not screen
    • Page/document size should equal your print size UNLESS you want the image to "bleed" (extend to/beyond the trimmed edge of piece). 
    • Bleeds require 1/16" to 1/8" (preferred) of image. Make sure you allow 1/4" in the bleed setting to allow for crop marks to be included in the export.  
    • Marks = Centered    
    • Bleeds = Symmetric and 1/4" (0.25) when making the PDF
    • Include Crop Marks (especially if Bleeds are needed). If no crop marks are indicated, we will most likely center the image in the print area.
    • Please review your PDF before sending to make sure all elements are there and some gremlin hasn't wrecked havoc (text or graphics missing, special characters changing etc).


    • Quark (8.5 or previous), InDesign (CS5 or previous), PhotoShop (CS5 or previous)
    • Only include Document & Linked files actually used
    • Only include font families used (ie: Helvetica, Times New Roman etc). Please do NOT send us your entire font folder.
    • Include all linked images used


It is important to understand that different software programs, monitors and printers all handle color differently. Our Digital Presses are CMYK toner based. Pantone, RGB and other color pallets may not get the intended results. Some Pantone CMYK color conversions won't even be close. For a good idea on how Pantone colors will turn out, we recommend looking at the Pantone Process Color Imaging Guide 1000.

A good way to see this is to open your document on different computers and print to different printers in your work environment and notice how the color may change from one device to another. Also compare how differently the printed piece may look compared to your monitor.


If color is a concern, you can request a printed 1 page sample of your document. Please understand that this may delay the expected delivery of your job.


You can send us your files by any of the following methods:

    • EMAIL:  Small PDF files such as a Business Card, Postcard or single page Flyer (under 10 Meg) can be sent as an email attachment.      Send to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    • Flash Drives or CD/DVD:   If local, you may also drop your files off at Royal Printing during normal business hours (Mon - Fri; 7:30 am to 5:00 pm)
    • Please make sure all media is labeled and identifiable as yours, it will be returned to you with your order.

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