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Royal Printing, founded in 1961 by Roy Thomas, has been Oklahoma’s premier ballot printer for over 50 years.

Family-owned and now led by Roy’s daughter, Kelley Thomas (President) and his sons  (Phil Thomas, Vice-President) and Max Thomas (Shipping Department Manager).

In 1992, the Oklahoma State Election Board made history by becoming the first state to use the same electronic voting equipment statewide and to require that all ballots be printed to the same standards. Royal Printing was awarded the contract and now prints the ballots for 76 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties for most national, state, and local elections, and has retained the contract from 1992 to present.

In 2011, the State of Oklahoma again changed the ballot requirements to comply with the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) and accommodate new voting devices. The new requirements include:

  • Variable-size ballots
  • Variable data for sequential/serialized numbering and barcodes
  • Variable color indicator of ballot type
  • Variable-size perforated stubs
  • Variable banners/cover sheets
  • Variable set sizes

Royal Printing’s President Kelley Thomas knew that their offset workflow was not up to the task and recognized that the only way to meet the new ballot requirements was to migrate the work to a digital press.

After considering proposals from all the major vendors, Royal Printing decided to partner with Océ. “Océ stood apart from the other vendors—Océ was the only company that did a thorough analysis of every aspect of our entire workflow before recommending a solution,” said Thomas. “Océ also looked at our vision for future growth and put together a system that could handle the new ballot specifications as well as opportunities for expansion.”

Royal Printing has now installed the Océ ColorStream® 10000 Flex press with full-color capabilities and fully automated and variable perforating, cutting, and stacking.

The sophisticated Océ PRISMAproduction® software completes the system with intelligent printer management, output administration, and job manipulation. Océ PRISMAproduction® software tracks every job for quick and easy recall.

Royal Printing’s vision for future growth was a big part of the selection process. The Océ ColorStream® 10000 Flex press is capable of producing a full spectrum of process-color work with 100% variable data. It can also handle a wide variety of media types and finished sizes. The additional in-line finishing operations such as folding, punching, stapling, and inserting will facilitate many more profit-generating applications and growth.

The entire ballot printing operation has been streamlined, reducing the turnaround time substantially.

The Océ ColorStream® 10000 Flex press prints the entire ballot in one pass, including up to 4 different barcodes per ballot. The post-press serial numbering of Royal Printing’s old offset workflow has completely disappeared.

The results in the pressroom and finishing department are off the charts.

Effortless and precise front-to-back registration coupled with in-line finishing operations such as perforating, cutting, and stacking, give Royal Printing the freedom to allocate resources as needed.

Now the printing process is no longer labor-intensive.

If you are a state or county election department needing a quote for election ballot printing, it would be wise to add Royal Printing to your list...we have the experience, and as we’ve been told, “The best pricing in the nation.”

Royal Printing: Ability and Technology to Do the Best Job

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